About Sri Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah

The Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, United States, is a temple dedicated to the divine son of God who is known as Lord Krishna. The temple is situated about an hour away from the beautiful Salt Lake City. In Spanish Fork, there are some excellent shopping malls, restaurants, and cultural venues that you can visit to experience the true meaning of the religion. See more here.

The Sri Radha Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah, is the only temple of its kind located in Utah, and it is a place where people from all over the world come to worship God’s divine Son. The Sri Radha temple is located in the heart of Spanish Fork and is about thirty minutes from Salt Lake City. There are beautiful gardens, paths, and gardens that are situated on a hillside overlooking the Temple. The temple is constructed of stained-glass windows and is also adorned with statues of Lord Krishna. See here for information about A Review of the Springville Museum of Art in Spanish Fork, Utah.

The Sri Krishna temple has a very large main hall, where the priest would perform daily prayers and rituals. There is also a balcony overlooking the temple where visitors can view the temple. There is a separate chapel located just inside the main hall where marriages and other ceremonies are held. The Church features a grand entrance, which is designed to look like a temple. You can even walk down the aisle to the dance floor.