How to Spend Your Vacation at The Salem Pond in Spanish Fork, Utah

The Salem Pond in Spanish Fork, Utah is located on the western edge of Spanish Fork, UT. The Salem Pond is the largest lake in Spanish Fork and sits on top of the bluff. This is a great place to relax, enjoy nature, and fish for rainbow trout. When the season is over you can always fish from the shore or you can take a hike out to the pond to take in all the wildlife. You can find many beautiful sights, wildlife, and waterfowl in this area. Visit this link for more information.

If you are looking for some type of adventure then try the Spanish Fork Skywalk. There are many beautiful vistas that you will be able to view from the top of this little mountain. This is an awesome view to see with a camera. There is also a boat dock there if you are interested in having a little more of an adventure than just taking a walk around the area. You will also be able to hike up and down the mountain to see what other wildlife is around. This is one of the many places you will have to hike in Spanish Fork. This is a great place to come during the hot summer months because the temperatures do rise. Read about North Park in Spanish Fork, Utah – A Must See on Your Vacation here.

In addition to the water that you can fish from the Salem Pond you will also be able to fish in the lake. This is great because you don’t have to go out in the cold weather to get a bite. Many times these fish will come to the surface and look for food. Once you are able to spot these fish you will be able to go down into the lake and fish for them. If you are fishing in Spanish Fork, UT then this is a great spot to spend a few days.